Water and Thrall

when we were younger
we’d sit in the corner
beneath the red pillar
our backs to the blue

I’d follow for hours
the language of flowers
scale ivory towers
to know more of you

but now that we’re older
the seasons seem colder
I hardly remember
the wind or the flame

so tell me, dear teacher
do you know the dreamer?
he sleeps in the river
awaiting a change

what folly we favour
in silence belabour
keys minor and major

I’d sing you this song

the world is shading
midnight culminating
sweet starlight abating

now summer has gone








“chuffed doesnt mean what you think it means”


it means exactly what i think it means its just some stupid word that literally has two definitions that…

I’m curious what dictionaries these definitions come from.  “chuffed” looks legitimate, but “egregious” is pretty much always negative.  The positive definition is classified as archaic for every definition at dictionary.com. 

And “nonplussed” pretty much always means “bewildered or confused”.  The opposite definition, “unperturbed”, is North American informal, and it’s only come up recently.  This is most likely because people got confused over the actual meaning of the word (the non- prefix gives the sense of something neutral here) and started using it incorrectly, and the mistake became so prevalent that the word took on an entirely new meaning.  Other words where this has happened include pristine and peruse.




George R. R. Martin everyone.

My favourite thing about this gifset is that George R. R. Martin acknowledges both of these methods without insulting or dismissing the other. He is a fantastic writer and I know that some other fantastic writers swear by their methods and discount the others, which can be really disheartening as a young writer. Hearing him describe both of these methods without dismissing the other makes me very, very happy, as I am very much an architect and I always get so sad when every writer I look up to is like “NO PLANNING. PLANNING BAD. WRITERS DONT PLAN.”

So thank you, Mr. Martin.

I am by and large an architect but I am not opposed to my building gaining sentience and doing what it wants along the way, a la a gardener. So I feel this. I feel it so hard. Also:

"No one is purely an architect or a gardener in terms of writers, but many writers tend to one side or the other."


Did nobody else notice that he waters his plants with BLOOD?

t3hsiggy said: Oooh, is that Dominion I see behind you?





Well spotted :)

I’ve only got the bast game and the Intrigue expansion. I think my favourite though is Prosperity though, something about big money that appeals to my brain.

I love boardgames, Dominion, whilst it can be a little boring if your opponent is constantly drawing their whole deck and is a bit like multi player solitaire, is one of my favourite games. 

Prosperity is definitely my favourite as well. The cards get so over-the-top (looking at you, King’s Court) and silly.

What other games have you got/do you enjoy? I think I saw Ticket to Ride there, as well?

Yeah, Kings Court and Goons….. awesome cards :) I still can’t decide if I *like* dominion, so many of the cards are strictly better than others, even in the same set, that it doesn’t seem like they ever get brought regardless of the kingdom. Admittedly, I haven’t played many games where the kindgom is randomly drawn from all the expansions, at which point interesting interactions might emerge, but there are just some bad cards and it seems like waste. 

I love the game, but there are parts of it that nag at me… like the card costings, the really cards at only 5 just isn’t hard to achieve, which renders the cheaper ones much less useful, it’s a thing I puzzle over…

Anyway, Good question, there are soooo many :)

I do have ticket to ride, well spotted, I do enjoy that.

I’ve got Settlers, who hasn’t. I@m kinda done with settlers mostly, I’ve played it utterly to death and it is really quite luck based…. add the Cities and Knights expansion and I’m more interested as I really enjoy the extra layer it adds to the game. I’ll play settler sand have fun, and it’s a great intro to board gaming game… but after easily over 100 games it’s a bit too random for my liking.

Talisman, but I really don’t enjoy it that much, roll dice and move is not fun in my book.,

I love Munchkin.

I adore Smallworld,

I do kinda like Alhambra although I think the best move is *always* obvious and it’s utterly dependent on luck… not played it that much but it seems like there isn’t enough choices to make me feel like I have any, you always do the best thing and the best thing is obvious

Carcasonne, oh wow have I put hours into that. Mostly on the iPad, I love this game, it seems simple, it seems easy…. but there is so much strategy to it, luck, but it’s damn good.

I like Scrabble, sadly enough :)

San Juan is really fun, again mostly on the iPad, in fact the app store has so many good versions of the board games I love and playing them is so much easier a lot of my gaming is done on it. 

Loads more probably but those are the ones I goto most often, hows about you? what’s your goto games, what do you love?

Omg board game nerding tiiiime!

I know exactly what you mean about some of the Kingdom cards just feeling worthless to get ever, even if they might have some theoretically-interesting uses. Everything seems so reliant on having specific other Kingdom cards to function optimally. I should look and see if there are some good non-random sets that make use of those kinds of cards.

I enjoy Ticket to Ride when I play it, but I don’t own it and don’t go out of my way for it. Settlers definitely served its purpose as a gateway game for me, but I’m more-or-less through with it these days. Even with Cities and Knights, it is easy to be made irrelevant if others go out of their way for it (especially multiple people, which happens sometimes).

Never played Talisman or Alhambra, but the latter has been on my list for a while now. I’ve found both regular Smallworld and the Underground one to be quite fun, though the Underground one seems much more volatile in terms of area control.

I have several themed Munchkin base sets, but they don’t get a great deal of play unless I have a large group who wants something less serious (and doesn’t want the utter absurd chaos of Killer Bunnies).

I have found I enjoy Carcassonne more and more as I play it. I don’t play often, but it is definitely deeper than it appears at first. Scrabble is of course always solid as far as “classic” kinds of games go.

Never played San Juan, but it’s related somehow to Puerto Rico, isn’t it? Puerto Rico is probably my favourite game overall, but it is too heavy to play often. Power Grid falls very near it, but again is a lot of thought for a long time to be able to play.

Agricola has been enjoyable the few times I’ve played it. I received Race for the Galaxy for Christmas and really enjoy it, and being all card-based, it’s not super cumbersome to set up.

The game that gets the most play in my house though is easily Eclipse, with the Rise of the Ancients expansion. It’s nice because it’s got some strategy, some economy, some blowing each other up with spaceships, and it can take up to 9 people. It takes a while, but we don’t take it super seriously and it turns into good fun. (One time, on the final round, one of my friends turned against his alliance and hit all their key sectors, winning the game despite the massive penalty for breaking alliances. He has since had issues forming alliances).

Oh jeez what else have I even got. Tigris & Euphrates! Fantastic game! Monuments always seem too strong, but I might just be bad.

Betrayal at House on the Hill is the newest addition, having picked it up a few weeks ago after playing it at a board game cafe and loving it. We stumbled through at first, but I can definitely see it being a strong game for a while.

I am certain I could go on, but I’m not sure offhand what else I own/have played.

Can I get in on this briefly?  There are no Dominion cards that are *strictly* better than other Dominion cards.  In that case, you have to factor in the cost as well.  There are some cards that are often duds, but that’s inevitable and it makes it all the sweeter on those rare boards where they are actually good.  They can’t all be the best card ever!

$5 is actually a significant step up from $3/$4.  You can probably reach $5 after the first reshuffle, but it’s much harder to get LOTS of a $5 card compared to getting lots of $3s/$4s, especially since most gainers (e.g. Workshop, Ironworks, Armory) are capped at $4 cost.

I would probably be willing to play Killer Bunnies again.  I really hate Munchkin though.  The first player to reach lv 9 loses.  The second player to reach lv 9 probably loses.  The third one probably wins. :P

My understanding is that San Juan is like a thematic sequel to Puerto Rico, but mechanically it is actually really close to Race for the Galaxy.

We need to play less Eclipse and more Agricola. ;)

I still haven’t played Tigris & Euphrates!  We should do that sometime.

You didn’t mention 7 Wonders?  :P



Combining elements of dance, performance art, music, technology, light and more, the versatile Japanese troupe “Enra" is pure magic.

The GIF set above is from “Pleiades.



People Running and Dancing on a 2,100-Gallon Non-Newtonian Fluid Pool of Cornstarch and Water


This ranks among the best things I have ever seen.  It just gets better and better.  Enough to warrant my first ever use of the #lol tag.




How to use “and” 5 times in a row grammatically:
A man owned a store called “This And That” and hired another man to make a sign for it. When it was finished the owner inspected the work. He discovered that the spaces were wrong so he said “the space between This and And and And and That is different. Please fix it”


THIS IS SO GREAT. Almost as great as Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo.

OK, I see how yours works, but I’ve always read it differently:

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.


"How the Media Failed Women in 2013," courtesy of Miss Representation. This is mind-boggling and you must watch it right now.


each leaf in the current
spills ripples   behind
expanding contours of your memory
fitted to a stranger’s form

if it is you
I can say     no longer
your vernal light pervades
each autumn         I am
   towed by the space of your reverie

(worn by the taste of your words)

if there is rhythm you  breathe
if there is timbre you    burn
if there is colour you      bloom
more vibrant by the absence I cannot trace
if there
      you are

flowing as an out-cast prayer
growing to the hour’s edge
come all the leaves brought down in autumn fury

in the wake of you I follow
sunsets streaming on the course
each leaf in the current
dreams of ripples

so I can sleep
no longer